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A fanlisting is a place for fans all of the world, to unite and show support for whatever media the fanlisting is the theme of. This is the first fanlisting for the small but AMAZING vk band, SULFURIC ACID. Approved by the {TFL.org}, I hope more people will join and show their love for this talented band.

~The Band~
The band is signed under Tomozo's record company, Sequence Records. Along with other great bands like Tokyo Michael and +ISOLATION.

The Cast
*was support, but now offical member*
*left as full member and now considered live only support*

Tomozo and Masaki are also in +ISOLATION, except Tomozo is on vocals and Masaki plays guitar. Masaki also helps new member Hizaki, with his solo project. Meanwhile, Tokyo Michael's singer, Ikkou and Seiji are in a duo project called *aka 7 Deaths*. Both are signed onto Tomozo's label.

1. MUST be a SULFURIC ACID fan~!
2. You don't have to have a site but a working email is needed~!!
3. If you do have a site, then please put up the code before joining~!! I will check ^^v
4. No DIRECT LINKING~!! Please upload codes onto your own server~!!

To join, just fill out the form. Please include your Name, E-mail and Location. If you need to update your information, then re-fill out the form but please keep the same name so I can find it and change it~!!



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